Review 828

“To Game….” is quite simply an informative bulletin board type site dicussing the pros and cons of various video games.

The layout is a generic blogger template that I didn’t particularly care for. However, it did seem to work well with the content and subject matter of this weblog.

Reading the three-month archives gave me an insight into each of the different webloggers and their opinions in the video game world. They seemed like they were very valuable opinions that weren’t just thrown out there on a whim. They were very thought out, easy to understand, and well written.

Over the past couple of months, however, the posting activity seems as if it has depleted in a great fashion. That’s disappointing to me, because this site definitely has potential to be popular amongst those involved in the video game world.

I would have liked to see maybe a brief bio about each person posting in the weblog, and maybe a brief “about” page of the site in general, even recommending a few different games.

I’m giving it a 4.0 due to its sporadic posts, generic template layout, and lack of any other sections of the site.

BUT if video games are your bag, baby, then I highly suggest you check back with “To Game….” from time to time.To Game….

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