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This is the second weblog I’ve reviewed and seen who’s author is a teacher and not just any teacher, but a high school teacher. This one however is a little different.

The layout is your basic Blogger template, but what I liked about this weblog is it wasn’t just posts discussing amusing situations that happen everyday at a high school of some nice little town where most of the students are well-behaved and everyday is a good day. Nope, you won’t find that at this site. The author is an English teacher at a high school in the Bronx. Or as the author describes it, “This school is like Fast Times and Breakfast Club with Boyz in the Hood all rolled into one.”

One post I found funny and it made me realize that just because you’re a teacher, it doesn’t mean you can’t censor yourself and be straightout direct with how you view your students.

“One of my asshole kids that comes to class to do nothing but distract every one and be really really rude, decided to open up a condom and blow it up. He was having a lot of fun with it until he had to spit out the spermicide into a piece of paper. Shmuck. This kid drives me nuts. I don’t know why he comes to class at all.”

The site has some pretty interesting posts and I think it’s great the author discusses their frustrations and even adds a little humor to the tough job of teaching kids who have probably had no structure in their lives.

Good site.A Bronx Tale

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