Review 825

First and foremost, the design is painful. (And those damn pop-ups get old in a hurry.) The colors don’t go together, and table cells are fluid and unrestricted (they adjust to the browser window, no matter how big that is), making the main text columns WAY to wide for easy reading. In the same vein as easy reading comes the extraordinary length of the blog entries. Some readers are into this, and some blog authors do it well. I am not that kind of reader, but John does have a style that makes the mass of text easier to get through. A better solution would be using Greymatter or Movable Type–putting “more” text on a separate page, thereby making the front page less daunting. That, however, is a throwback to my initial comment on the poor design.

Beyond a design that would give Jacob Nielsen seizures, the writing is good. Intelligent, structured, and solid–a little biased, but hey, what are blogs for? The blog is aimed at 15 years and older–I’d probably bump that to 18-20. Most 15-year-olds aren’t going to process discussions about government very well.

Obviously this is an outlet for a guy who likes to write, and for the most part, he writes well.

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