Review 823

One thing is for sure: you can’t accuse the author of (a)musings of being too brief or short-winded in her weblog entries. And for the most part, that turns out to be a good thing.

The weblog entries covered many subjects in detail. Everything from the guilty pleasures of watching MTV’s “The Real World” to detailed accounts of the arguments that took place with her husband over the timely purchase of tickets to a Barenaked Ladies concert. The author shows no fear in laying it all out for the visitor to read; a quality this reviewer admires. The posts are written well, and therefore manage to keep you entertained, almost in a voyueristic peek-into-someone’s-personal-journal kind of way.

The layout and design of the site left something to be desired, as there didn’t seem to be a common theme from page to page. The navigation was not the most intuitive I have seen, with different links appearing from page to page in different locations. However, I did like some of the images and photographs the author used to bind the site together. The random use of football play drawings as a tiled background was (a)musing.

Get your coffee and your bagle and read through (a)musings for some funny, witty, detailed weblog activity presented in an unabashed, wide-open manner. This is another good site that offers a different angle on life, and should be worth a second look.


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