Review 822

The site was a slap in the face with its combination of bold and refreshing

blues. It leapt at to me and begged to be read! All the information was

packed into nice neat boxes, so you can see the information you want at a

glance. The boxes were titled and well thought out to match the links

within them.

If you are into the trance/techno/electronica music then this is the site

for you!! The owner is aiming to supply as much information about releases,

news and reviews on this type of music. Most of the information has links

to its original source, as well as the links to other music and DJ sites.

I felt that the design of this site reflected what is contained. It is, I

think, a funky site which promises to grow and become very popular within a

select music group. I liked the way that everything was sectioned via the

use of boxes, and that the whole effect of the site was very clean and clear

cut. It was refreshing to see nice bold colours all together in one place!

There is the opportunity for you to register and be able to contribute to

this blog, which takes alot of pressure off to supply fresh information

every day! The links to DJ’s and news sources will provide inside

information to its readers, though I suspect that anyone already into this

music could find the information themselves. The concept behind this site

is to provide all the information in one place which is always a bonus.

My overall opinion was, although not a dedicated fan of this music, the site

was well designed and worked very well. It is a site dedicated to a

specific music type, so if you are not a great fan, I should not imagine

that you would be overly impressed. It gets a thumbs up from me though as I

think there is lots of potential there.


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