Review 821

In Between Naps is a fitting name for this weblog, as the author writes a lot about her children and the development and happenings they are going through. Mildly interesting, but definitely a unique flavor among the usual multitudes of teenaged bloggers out there.

The meat and potatoes of In Between Naps are the fervent weblog posts relating to religion, the Catholic Church, politics, and social issues. The author seems to comb the internet in search of articles to link to and comment on. She often points out the similarities and ironies that each article poses. I found this to be a refreshing approach to maintaining a weblog, not because such a news site has never been done, but because the angle of approach the author takes is a little different.

The site was based on a Blog Spot template, and lacked any sort of personal or artistic flair. I followed a few of the links, such as the one leading to the author’s main site, but was led into confusion and broken images, for the most part.

Happy to review a rare site that was submitted to us under the 25+ age group, I felt that In Between Naps was a decent place to stop for a new persective on things. Certianly some good content to be found, but nothing visual to hold it all together.

In Between Naps

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