Review 820

My first impression was that the author of this site had some new, exciting thing to talk about. There seemed to be a sense of urgency in the opening paragraph. Something about a book he had written; something about the frenzy surrounding it. Digging into the site, I was left dissatisfied.

The foreward to the weblog section of the site states that “opinion is nonexistent”, as if the author doesn’t care what you have to say about the site since it is not valid. This struck me as a disclaimer, really meaning “my site sucks, but what you have to say about it doesn’t matter”. I wondered why the site was submitted for review…

The weblog entries turned out to be composed of random quotes, short blurbs, and over-used conglomerations of expensive words that made me wonder if the author had a Thesaurus fetish.

Design-wise, the site was about as basic as you can get, with right-justified text being the only abnormal thing. Not visually stimulating, but not annoying either.

I never really figured out the motivation behind this site, but perhaps that was the point. Whatever the case, I was not struck with the fancy to come back later. Perhaps those that are familiar with the author or what he does would be interested, but I decided to move on.

Jelly Filled Catharsis

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