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Words cannot describe My Gift Coach. I had no clue what the site was going to be about, and now that I have read almost every post, every FAQ, every bio, I don’t think I am any closer to understanding. The best way I can describe My Gift Coach is by comparing it to a Stanley Kubrick movie; namely the wilder ones.

Most of the posts read as if they are poems. Like poems, they all have a rhythm and flow to them that are noticeable in time. I was so caught up in reading these posts, that I didn’t realize how much time I had spent at this site. Just like poems, too, the posts can be difficult to understand, and even more difficult to read. But once you get yourself accustomed to how they are written, you will have an easier time understanding. A quote from the site can almost make you realize about the target audience to read this.

An across the board increase of ten points in IQ would wreck the knowledge economy.

I see that quote applying to this site. An increase of ten points in IQ is needed to fully understand this site. Unfortunately for me, I only have an increase of 5.

The design of the site is nothing complex. It is just a three-column layout with the main text in the center. It works well for this site, as there is a lot of information needed to put on one page. But once you realize where everything is, reading the site can be accomplished.

If you haven’t heard of this site before today, make this one of your regular reads. You will enjoy the humor and worth of the posts in time.

My Gift Coach

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