Review 817 is a personal weblog that reflects the norm for daily comments and news. The appearance of the site upon loading wasn’t the most exciting thing I had ever seen, but the basic layout and presentation of information was unconfusing and logical.

Reading through the logs, I was led from the author’s telling of events surrounding the purchase of a new house to a humorous “Road To Springfield” contest based on The Simpsons. The range of weblog subject matter was not lacking, and it had a flair of originality to it. held my interest for a considerable amount of time.

There were some things found that most weblog sites do not have, such as video clips of a sketch-comedy TV show that the author was involved in producing. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t open them on my computer for some reason). There was even an unabashed weight chart over time, which I assume was that of the author’s. It’s always nice to see a person on the internet willing to be wide open and not put up a front.

The design of the site was simple enough to present the information well, but could probably use a little imagry to pull it together better. This was especially true of the long pages of weblog entries; massive amounts of scrolling is never much fun.

Check out for some unique perspectives and a nice approach to weblogging.

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