Review 813

The first thing I read when I got to the site was a rotating quote that said, “D.A.M. – Mothers Against Dyslexia.” With that quote in mind, I was set for a fun time.

The page is very clean, neat and easy. Black background with white text. Simple two column layout with grey title bars across every section heading. The design is very elegant in a subtle way.

The weblog is about daily life sort of things that happen to Chris. Nothing over the top that I found, but then nothing painfully boring either. It reads like you are talking to a good buddy about the events of yesterday almost.

Though there is a cast of characters section, as far as I could tell it was just letting the readers know who Chris is talking about rather than a group log effort. I could be wrong, but I only saw posts from Chris.

Over all I think the readers will enjoy a laid back site with out all of the glamour that most weblogs are taking on these days. So just sit back, and read about a guy who you didn’t realize was a good friend of yours.i am

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