Review 812

The author of Subliminal Inevitable seems to be well-versed in the art of weblogging. The fact that he is a computer science major certainly doesn’t hurt with the design and functionality of the site.

The weblog entries were sometimes brief, but usually coherent. I liked the fact that the author mixed it up by throwing in photos of the events he wrote about. However, some of the entries seemed to be aimed at friends of the author, and were not of much interest to those outside of his circle.

I was highly impressed with the simple, elegant layout. I never have been a fan of flashy or congested sites, and Subliminal Inevitable managed to avoid all confusion. Color scheme is important, and this one worked well.

An above-average site, thanks to it’s visual presentation and photos. Worth a look, but be prepared to skip some weblog entries that pertain only to those who already know the author.

subliminal inevitable

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