Review 811

Tokyo Acoustics. The name was not defined or given a meaning by the site as far as I could tell, and I was left a little confused by the time I departed.

From the first page that told my the site had moved to a new location (, to the archives that appeared in a different format, I felt a little misguided and mislead.

The weblog entries were not lengthy by any means, but at least the author made sense and was to the point. Some entries became rather esoteric and vague, but others at least gave me a glimpse into the life of Nathan.

The author admitted to not liking the current design of the main page, and I would have to agree with him on the lack of cohesion. The grey-on-black, 10-point text was difficult to read after a few moments. I much more enjoyed the black-on-white scheme of the December archive. However, the author should include at least a few pixels for the left margin in the name of readability.

A fair site with not much new or captivating content that hasn’t been seen before, and a design that needs a little work. Maybe worth another visit after some reworking.Tokyo Acoustics