Review 810

Raymond’s Retreat is a VERY extensive weblog that definitely holds something for everyone.

Each weblog (there are four) is housed on its’ on page, which prevents the site from being very cluttered or hard to look at.

The personal weblog contains rather long entries, which I sometimes found hard to follow. Raymond has a “best of link” that features, in his opinion, some of the best weblog entries he’s done. Among some of the more recent entires were an entire script from a British comedy, poetry excerpts, and some very, VERY eloquent writing by Raymond. Other fun reads featured an entry on dating requirements, and general updates on the daily life of Raymond.

Reading about Raymond’s experience with a strange cat read like a novel – very intense, descriptive, and detailed. His details, descriptions, and choice of words honestly made me feel as if I was *right* there.

The news/arts blog was also very extensive, but I felt like it provided the reader with VERY much information that seemed to be paraphrased for the average Joe to read and comprehend.

The exercise and cooking weblogs look to be more “personal blogs” that Raymond has set up for himself. It’s a neat way to keep yourself in check, and that’s my opinion on what Raymond’s doing.

Raymond’s site design isn’t out to win any contests, but his weblog(s) are definitely ones that will be entertaining and informative for the average reader.Raymond’s Retreat

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