Review 809

Wow I am tired now. Is that even possible? To be exhausted from reading a weblog? For most, I would say no. However, ImJstAGrrl managed to make me physically worn out just by reading the weblog.

Lets start at the beginning. Page first loads and it is a live journal page. Yeah, live journal. For some reason, live journal doesn’t have the greatest of weblogs and I don’t know why. But lets put that aside shall we?

So the page loads and I see this horrible background that is repeated. Each weblog post has its own black and red box, which matches the background, and that is about it. To put it simple, the background takes away from the design of the site, but it adds to the weblog. How can it do both you ask? The background is one of those old background images repeated. Most sites today do not have a background like this. And since this isn’t your every day weblog, the background works.

But we aren’t here to discuss the design too much; we are here to talk about her weblog. So how is it that one person’s weblog can make me tired? I am reading through the entries like I normally do, get down to the bottom for the archives and click on the link. The post that come up are from two days ago! ImJstAGrrl posts multiple times a day. So much so, that skipping the first 20 posts, took me back only two days. And the best part, its this way for a long time back.

Because of the mass number of posts, you should expect short little 3 line posts. That is what you get. But they make sense after reading the site for a while. If you just go into this site and read the first 5-10 posts, you are going to think this girl is a nut case. But if you start to actually read all of the posts, you will see it makes sense. To me, the posts were kind of like mini conversations you would have with your friends passing down the hall between classes in Jr. High or High School. But with more meaning to them. As I said, you have to read the site to understand them.

The only downfall I really had to the site was the little link to what she calls “nervous breakthrough”. The live journal page is just a page in her full site. The main site is nervous breakthrough and has some really good design and information about her in. She also has a webcam, but because she doesn’t fit the stereotypical camgirl, she doesn’t get that category.

Over all I think she has a good weblog here. Some of you may not like it, but I am sure that most of you will. If she applied the design of her Nervous Breakthrough page to her live journal page it would be even more appealing. Go enjoy.silent rage’s livejournal

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