Review 807

What an addictive site!

Truthfully, when I saw that the weblog for “Insanity at its finest” was a LiveJournal site, I really had my doubts. But at the very glance of the site, those doubts were quickly removed.

It’s a basic weblog layout with colors that compliment each other very well. You can’t ask for much more for a eye-pleasing weblog layout.

The posts are very frequent, and generally very entertaining. They give you insight to her day, and into the people (and animals, of course!) she interacts with. The author has a sense of humor that would suit anyone, and typically made me laugh outloud.

There are links at the top of the weblog to an actual website created by the author, and those are worth checking out also, if you’re looking to find out more about what makes the author of this weblog.

I liked Insanity At Its Finest, and as she writes on one of her main webpages, it’s definitely addicting!insanity at its finest

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