Review 805

What a fun read! I wanted to read more, but couldn’t find an archives link anywhere. And that was the only major letdown of “Listen Esmerelda”.

Erika did a good job distoring different digital pictures on each section of her entire site. The images were on the left, giving the right side of the screen a fill of text. And the way it was presented was very classy, in my opinion.

All of Erika’s posts were very casual, which made them easy to read and interested me in her life. There’s definitely humor in each post, and I found myself laughing outloud a few different times.

Some of the weblog entries were just quiz results, and there were A LOT of quiz results! But recently, Erika finally got the digital camera she’s been wanting and has been able to share some pictures in her posts. And pictures, I do believe, are always entertaining!

I think I’ll visit Erika’s site again, just for the reason that I like her writing style and her sense of humor. I highly suggest you check it out at least once.

listen esmerelda.

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