Review 804

Upon first visiting this site I was struck by its blandness. There was an image, of a walrus or some other disgusting animal off in a corner, and just dark gray background with text in different shades of gray.

Not offset by its ugly appearance I went through the content and that’s when I became convinced that this person needed to get of crack or whatever he was smoking. This site features a “diary” of some poetry that is very bad and sound absolutely horrid. I question if this is genuine or if the guy wanted it to sound provocative by mimic actual poetry.

After that there is a poetry section of the same bad writing. After getting through those sections I came upon something different. It’s called “word art” – which is basically horribly written poetry on ugly cheaply made pictures. Another medium in which to disgust me. The last section includes a bunch or semi daily sentences which mimic bad poetry again. My general impression of the site is it is made by some one whom desperately trying to be poetic but fails horribly.

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