Review 803

Orange! I don’t know if other reviewers leave the weblogs with blinding background colors for me, or if I am naturally attracted to them, but I seem to review more than my share of brightly colored weblogs.

Tyler is a teenager from Missouri, who has to traverse many of the same horrors that befall most teenagers. But Tyler is different, because Tyler has an ugly yellow bus on his weblog.

Aside from the bus and the orange background piercing through my skull, there is not much to the design of Tyler’s website. I can’t say the design is unappealing, because there really is not enough there, to really call it a design. Sparse, is probably the word I would use. Or, if I were being kind, I would say: the focus of this weblog is obviously on the writing.

Tyler is actually a prolific writer. There are many entries, most only a couple of lines long. The entries are fairly standard: a lot of quizzes and other teenage blather. Unfortunately, the lack of depth makes it hard to hold the interest of the reader. For example, when discussing the book A Farewell to Arms Tyler recommends, “I is kind of good, but it is one of like five books ever that I don’t recommend.”

That is a pretty strong statement to make without an explanation. I realize teenagers are not known for their depth, but Tyler is apparently in wading pool territory.

I am giving the site a 3, for its voluminous.

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