Review 803

I liked the bus at the top of the page. I really liked the bus. Maybe that’s something I should seek counseling about, but it really made my first impression of Ty’s site a good one. The first thing I thought to myself something along the lines of: “Oh, cool! A bus!” and it made me smile.

It probably takes a while to load on a dial-up connection, and the bright red background might cause some distress with various users. But the bus graphic drew my attention away from the red background, which would have normally made me cringe. While my description of it may lack in creating a visual picture for the reader, the actual concept of it really works for the site.

The weblog was very easy to read, which I liked. Most of the entries were just daily updates on what Ty was up to and the general happenings in his life.

Typically, you’re not going to find any profound, life-changing weblog entries here, but it is a nice casual read, if that’s what you’re looking for.

If you check out this site, be sure and look through the entire site. One of the best sections is under the “Crap” link, where you can find a link that allows you to “Dress Up Ty”. Now, I’m not sure how accurate the drawing of him is, but it’s still a really neat

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