Review 802

Sylvia claims to be really good at making hideous layouts – at least that’s what she’s put in her site’s banner. I’m disagreeing with her, though, because the layout for her weblog wasn’t hideous at all. It was the exact opposite. The colors worked very well together, and the layout was just as simple as it needed to be.

The layouts on the other internal links throughout the site weren’t consistent, and some of the different formats made the actual text difficult to read. Those were the only glaring design factors that I personally would change.

There’s a weblog, a bit about Sylvia, and a few links to the rest of the ‘net. That’s the extent of the main page. And, truthfully, that’s all the weblog needs.

The entries are funny. Sometimes, I think Sylvia uses her weblog as a distraction from her homework, but those are the entries that I found the funniest.

From her cursed pants she picks up from the thrift store to her subtle obsession of Conan O’Brien, the weblog entries are all varied in length and content.

By visiting Sylvia’s weblog, I can almost guarantee you’ll find something that makes you laugh. And, sometimes, you’ll even find yourself still thinking about a post a while after you’ve read it.icey: i can’t explain, yo

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