Review 800

My first thoughts? “Yay! Basic, nicely colored layout!” But then I realized it might just be too basic. The colors were very simple, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that aspect of the site. A few graphics here and there would have been splendid, and given this site the extra kick that it needs.

Hyperlinks throughout the text are underlined by a dashed line, which is a nice effect. It was sometimes hard to distinguish between the hyperlinks in each weblog, and the linked date the breaks apart each weblog entry. Even just a solid line between entries would have made it much easier to read and follow.

The posts themselves don’t really have much to them. The majority of posts alternate between sending you to another link on another site, or a dozen word insight to the author’s life. And, for me, niether of those types of posts force me to become attached to the writer, and that’s what I like to see.

The other sections of are more entertaining than the weblog. A couple of my favorites: the “brainstorm” section includes user-submitted answers to questions that the author of waferbaby as posed or the “howto” section, where you can read up on how to smuggle drugs in jello, how to hate someone unreasonably, or how to train an aardvark. Now, I don’t know about you, but I always need to know how to train an aardvark!waferbaby

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