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A vanity plate for a girl with no internal monologue. That’s the tagline for this weblog. The anonymous other of this weblog is an English teacher in the South Bronx — infdicating she is perfectly capable of putting the “smack down” on me if I dangle a participle in this review.

I will start with the design. The design is Blogger Template: Blue. Not very inspiring, and it appears that not a lot of time is spent working on the design. Of course, that can be forgiven, because Blogger is designed for people who are not necessarily interested in spending hours working on their site design.

That being said, design is really an integral part of expressing the personality of a weblogger. Poor design, sends negative connotations, regardless of the writing quality.

The author approaches her content almost as though she were relaying stories to her friends over the phone. The writing is very informal, and easy to read. The English teacher shows in the above average sentence structure and absence of spelling mistakes.

The entries are interesting, but standard fare for a weblogger in her 20s. I would like to see more entries though, and the archives section is broken, it took me a couple of tries to get the links for last year to work.

Over all, I am going to give this weblog a 2.5. If more effort was put into the design, and there were more entries this could easily be a 3.0+ weblog…to.

falling off

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