Review 785

A true treasure of the web! This one is a “hard to top” site.

The site design is very well done, although the cat darned near scared me to death. Luna appeared to be coming off the page at me.

Liz’s entries are numerous and many are quite detailed. The story about her uncle’s death was heartrending, and made me sad that she had to deal with all of the misery. With entries dating back to September of 2000, she is an old hand at weblogging. Her entry of April 9 was right up my alley. I like this lady’s attitude, even though she may say SFW if I do.

External links took me to some other interesting places and I bookmarked some of them for further review. Although I didn’t read all of Liz’s entries, I found those I did read worth the time spent and will often make a return visit to find out what’s up in Toronto with Luna and Liz.

liz v3.0

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