Review 780

Bubbly. This weblog is just so darn bubbly that it’s hard to dislike. This is a teen blog, through and through; yet, there is something quite appealing about the author’s style of writing and her choice of content, even if the reader has no clue as to what’s really going on in TiggyzWorld.

Tiggy, a teen from Canada, posts daily entries about her life in a format which is best defined as slapdash. There is no order to the author’s posts, she makes no attempt to provide a narrative; but, she provides quick and entertaining glimpses into the world of today’s teens. Tales of academic woe are interspersed with commentary about friends and the Internet. The author tends to post comments directly to her friends, but the somewhat constant “cast” of friends can be identified and followed. The subject matter discussed, be it school or the Internet, is fairly universal and even adult readers will recall having had sentiments similar to the author’s. The overall tone of this weblog is, indeed, bubbly. The author tends to come across as friendly and funny and may remind the adult reader of a neighborhood teen or a younger sister.

The author’s grammar is fair and she tends to use quite a bit of slang, but posts are readable and not overburdened with vernacular. Punctuation and spelling are not particularly good but, again, they do not seem to detract from the content within the posts.

TiggyzWorld sports a fuchsia color scheme and the layout features a large, extremely slow-loading title graphic followed by the weblog’s content area. External links and a large amount of clique icons are kept to a side menu area and all links are in working order. The site lacks archives but does feature a bio page and a nice tribute page to the author’s friends. The most dislikable features of TiggyzWorld are the color scheme, which can make for difficulty reading the entries, and the slow-loading title graphic. Archives would also be a welcome addition. Note that the site views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1.

In the world of teen blogs, TiggyzWorld makes for a fun, fast, spirited read. While it is not intellectually deep nor especially astute, it is entertaining and fresh. This weblog is highly recommended to female teens, 12 – 17.


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