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Self-deprecating humor at it’s finest, Ugly Fat Kid is a weblog/comedy routine which should not be missed. Readers who enjoy the little oddities of life will assuredly enjoy reading the adventures of a guy who purports to staple cheese wedges together for no apparent reason.

Solidly written — the Ugly Fat Kid’s grammar and composition is near flawless — and completely engaging, entries here vary in length and topic. The author’s style of writing is such that the reader becomes engrossed in the author’s escapades and may begin to wonder if there is any truth to these adventures. Some recent explorations include developing a mechanical theory of facial tissue dispensing, an attempt to flush a bowling ball down a toilet, and determining the merits of Styrofoam mattresses. Bizarre, indeed; terribly amusing, nonetheless.

The layout of Ugly Fat Kid is a sliced melange of brown and black with photo graphics (presumably of the author), and the layout renders equally well in MSIE and NS 6.1. Internal links are kept to a side menu area with a graphical interface and links lead to other equally interesting facets of the author’s site. Archives are not complete; those currently available date only from November 2001 to present. Readers who become hooked on the Ugly Fat Kid’s writing will certainly wish to read more, perhaps as much as possible, of the author’s writings. It is recommended that Ugly Fat Kid’s author archive all of his entries, as many will want to read them.

Ugly Fat Kid is a gem of a weblog which shouldn’t be missed by blog readers. Here, one can obtain a daily dose of eccentricity which will assuredly provoke a chuckle and sustain a smile.

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