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A highly literate Blog*Spot weblog, The Den of Ubiquity is a fast-paced, somewhat interesting personal blog which is respectable in both content and style.

Author Aaron Humphrey, a 30 year old Canadian techie, has much to offer in his weblog, including personal bits and pieces, as well as an amusing and analytical countdown of his 750 favorite songs. Entries vary in length and the writing here is solid. Entries are literate and well-composed, will little to no grammatical or spelling errors. Aaron’s style of writing is both friendly and inviting, making him seem very much like the guy next door.

The layout of Den of Ubiquity is composed of a standard Blogger template and this weblog views equally well in MSIE and NS 6.1. Entries are archived and all archives are accessible. Links are minimal and most are contained to the side menu area. Aaron’s other Den of Ubiquity, his personal website, is well worth a look and may prove more enjoyable than the actual weblog.

While The Den of Ubiquity is certainly a solid weblog, readers may tend to feel that something is lacking. There is a certain je ne sais quoi which simply isn’t present in The Den of Ubiquity and this reviewer is pressed for viable recommendations. Nevertheless, The Den of Ubiquity does offer quality content and writing and should hold an appeal for mature 20 and 30-somethings.

The Den of Ubiquity

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