Review 761

ctrl-alt-ego is a weblog that is probably best described as ‘worthy’. It’s probably not among the very best weblogs out there, but it’s certainly a good read that now resides in my favourites ‘tween CamWorld and Coolstop.

The design, which is dead new at the time of writing, seems pretty much at odds with the content, a punchy, square and mainly functional effort that clashes with the warmhearted tone almost as much as the beige clashes with the orange.

This weblog as been going for a while (20 months is a long time in weblog terms) and the authoress has been gradually improving. The result is a thoroughly pleasant journal style blog. Being introspective without being narcissistic is a balance few authors can achieve, but here it’s accomplished confidently.

I marked this weblog down for lacking a ‘killer hook’ to keep me coming back for more. However, I imagine that with repeat reading, as with many biologs, one could get easily attached to the “story”, and certainly the quality of the posts is good enough to encourage this.ctrl-alt-ego

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