Review 758

Today must be my lucky day as I have found two very wonderful sites in a row. Blogatelle is so easy to read, it is like your favorite novel. Whenever it got to be a little slow, the next post picked the pace back up.

The author writes about things that go on in her daily life. Most of it has a little edge to it which takes the site out of the generalized posting. The posts are well written and well thought out, which is a good thing. As I said, I felt as if I was reading a novel, or a short story while going through all of the posts.

The design of the site is amazing. And of course it should be considering the author is a graphic designer. But the color scheme used is very unique to the weblog comunity as I don’t think I have seen it used before. There is a nice little “Imago” which changes every time you click on it.

The author has written many other things that have been published online. After I was done reading the weblog, I took the time to go and read some of these. Again, very good work. Exploring more with-in the site I noticed the author likes to take those stupid online tests. As of writing this, she has taken 45 of them! And of course she has links to all of them.

Delving even deeper into the site I found some wonderful artwork that she has done. The design of the outside site is much different than the weblog, but that didn’t distract me. Looking at the work just complemented the writing of the weblog.

If you have not clicked the link above to go and visit the site, then what are you waiting for? This is one of the best sites that I have ever been to. Very few sites are on my favorites anymore, but this one has earned its place. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this site become one of the very well known weblogs that are out there. Again, if you have not clicked on the link, what are you waiting for?Blogatelle

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