Review 756

When first entering the site one doesn’t know what to expect. With the name of Tha B_List, I was expecting some list thing, but I don’t know what. From what I got out of reading the site, it is merely just a reference to “B” lists like B movies, or B actors, or B musicians. Not quite the top of the game. With that figured out, I was prepared to have a good time here.

That is what I did have too. A lot of the posts are very funny, as the author has a very good sense of humor. There is an occasional serious post, but that doesn’t deter from the site at all.

My personal favorite post of his was the mock interview with Usama Bin Laden. In a time of mass-news media he was able to make light of the current situation.

The design of the site is just a template. Nothing too fancy, but then it is a template. Some of the pictures were not loading correctly, but they were not needed to enjoy the site. There are some other minor problems, but nothing too major.

Overall if you want a good laugh, you should go check out this site. I spent a good hour or so just reading movie reviews and interviews. Very good time can be had at this site.

Tha B_List

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