Review 753

This site didn’t have very much once I was done reading all of it. There are only a small number of posts, but they have been there since October so I went ahead and read all of them.

From what I can gather, this is a weblog about someone who is very lazy (based on the title and hints in the posts and of course the first post) and wants to share some laziness with people. However, a fair amount of posts are not like that at all, and are just short little brief posts about random things.

English is not the primary language of the author, but that is ok. It gives us a little bit more info about who the author is. I wish there was an about page, as it would have been very helpful.

The design on the front page is very nice and clean. Though going into the archives one sees a different design which I think is a better one. Neither of them are out of this world, must see designs, but they are clean and simple.

With some lengthy days between some of the posts, this is a good occassional blog. If the author would post more often, and have a better direction for the weblog itself I think it would be very good.

I Am A Loafer

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