Review 752

This Girl’s Blog, as it is called, it the most awesome blog I have reviewed so far! I look at design, content and blogging quality when I review, and this has many more plusses than minuses.

The first thing I noticed when I visited the site was the layout. It is simple and complicated at the same time, which makes it quite interesting. The HTML may be somewhat simple, but she makes the graphics, and they are superb! Then I read the posts on the front page. This girl is totally unique. The title or topic of each post is a song she is currently addicted to. I find it cool because I can open up Aimster and see what she likes. After reading her great and funny posts on the index page, I checked for an archive. This is the first site that I reviewed that had an archive! As I suspected, all the posts were of fantastic quality. This girl is a great writer. As I scanned the site for content, I was surprised to find lots of it, along with a cam! She is also a great poet, which one can tell from the Poetry section. She knows her options in the Beliefs section, and opened my eyes to topics I never gave much thought to. The last section I checked out was the Random section, where I saw that she is a very comical person. She tells of her ups and downs in life in a humorous way. All these things wrap together in the greatest package I’ve seen so far.

I am a hard person to please, it is true. This site would have received the 5.0 rating if the Music and Current links were not broken. I do not blame the blog creator, though, because I have done the same often. If you have a spare minute, or hour, I say this is the site that you should visit. I know it’s one of my dailies from now on!

This Girl’s Blog

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