Review 749

What an interesting site to read. Most of the teen sites that I read, I have a hard time getting into them. But for some reason I was easily caught up in this weblog.

The reason I got caught up so quickly is because her weblog almost reads like fiction. She kind of hints at this, but it is her real life that is going on. One of her more recent posts talks about imagining what the authors actually look like based on the writing. I was able to imagine all of her posts. Very good job.

The design is very simple. Everything is to the right of the screen. One of those I am going to be different type designs. The links to other parts are these little pink buttons at the top. Very hard to find. I wish there was a little bit more direction for those, as I originally thought they were just there for looks.

Overall a good teen weblog that will go somewhere. I recomend getting into it now so you can say you read it first before any of your friends.


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