Review 739

Trippy blog. I don’t think anyone would really understand this site unless there wasn’t an “about” page to explain and give background about who the writer is. Stand, the author is a paranoid schizophrenia and manic depressive guy living in the East Bay of California.

A lot of what he writes is sort of out of nowhere and doesn’t all quite make sense, but it’s nice that when he knows he’s not quite being clear, he’ll post later what was going on:

“Okay, I had another full-blown episode (if you couldn’t tell by my last post). The angels in my head got me to believe that I had been a part of the rapture, and that I was walking around in heaven, only it just looked like earth… So I was basically walking around naked for like an hour asking people if they had any spare clothes. Wild, huh?”

Stand tends to refer to God and other religious references in his writing and discuss episodes he has or about past experiences.

Layout is okay. He’ll post a photo once in a while and he has little photos along the side of his blog.

I prefer to read sites where the posts tend to make more sense and are more connected, but this site makes for an interesting read. – Once Madness Was Here

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