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Glistening Dreams is one of the better blogs I’ve seen. The layout is somewhat simple, but catchy. Right now it is Autumn, and the layout resembles it well.

Every site has its drawbacks, and some of these are completely apparent. After going to the site and clicking on the splash page, I was sent to another somewhat “index” page. Then I had to click on every single link on that “index page” in order to find which one is the link that digs into the blog. When I finally got to the blog, I was somewhat annoyed by the layout. It may be just my screen, but I had to scroll way too long to find the rest of the layout, which is hidden on the side. The site was started on October 20th, and it’s been almost a month since the site was started. I was searching for archives from the last posts, but could not find any.

Overall, the site is nice, but it could use some revision. I cannot judge on the posts, since the blog is not that old, but I can judge on visual effects. In my opinion, this site deserved its 3.0 rating.

Glistening Dreams

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