Review 734

Well, upon entering this site, I was presented with a news-type interface. Clean design, nice, small text. It looked clean enough to eat off of…metaphorically speaking…

The actual weblog consists of fake news stories. I really enjoyed reading this site and found myself going back for me. There’s really nothing to say other than “laugh a second” yeah, that’s right.

Design… what can I say? Bad? Hardly. Good? Hardly. Excellent? Getting warmer. Flat out astounding. The top gives you a nice toolbar, with a semi-transpaent gangster hat on the right, and the logo image at the very top. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better design, simple, fresh, clean.

There’s other sections, too, like “Music”. But I think those are only so you don’t die lauging. Seriously. But even those are funny, too!

Overall, this site gets at 6. But I cna’t go that high, so I’ll pick a 5. This site is certainly one of the best sites I’ve seen in a long time. More people should heed their

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