Review 733

Upon entering this site, you’re presented with a clean, pinkish layout. There’s an image map at the top, offering a popup, which just leads to some sort of other design with no content. Despite this, I gave it a go-ahead and ventured into the site.

I think that this weblog is certainly an interesting read. Although there are a few things left unexplained (for example, what “Gifted” is), overall, it’s coherent. I like to see people as young as her (11) get into the weblogging thing. It’s nice to see another generation into this. It was also fun climbing back into the denim overalls back to grade-school life.

The design of this site was awe-inspiring based on the age of the creator (11). The design fits nicely with the weblog and, for that matter, with any weblog. Not overly flashy, not too minimalist (I won’t mention any names *cough**cough*). Overall, a nice design.

There’s really no extras, other then the aforementioned popup. Just a weblog…but that’s what we’re reviewing, right?

Overall, I say it’s worth a read. Come one, let the inner kid out!cassie

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