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It would be nice to be able to actually read the weblog being reviewed. At Syphid Corp, this proves nearly impossible.

The tone on tone, silver on white layout at Syphid Corp is striking but tremendously hard on the eyes. The reader must strain to read almost every post and the posts, themselves, may not be of interest to anyone outside of this group weblog’s membership. Anime seems to be the major topic of discussion at Syphid Corp and it appears that the members are creating their own Anime story from the ground up, working on characterizations, plot and the like. This, in and of itself, seems a noble venture; but, it does not necessarily make for an interesting read for the casual weblog reader. Entries which focus on topics such as current events and the state of the Internet are much more enjoyable. However, Syphid Corp is the group weblog of a larger venture (whose homepage is currently under construction) and, as such, it displays and focuses upon the primary interests of the group’s members.

The layout of Syphid Corp’s weblog is attractive and elegant, yet the posts are extremely difficult to read due to the lack of contrast between the font and content area background. Links are kept to a side menu area and all appear to be in working order. The inclusion of the URLs and/or email addresses of the weblog’s members is both a practical and welcome addition to the layout.

Assuredly, there is a niche for the Syphid Corp weblog, perhaps among those interested in creating Anime. But, for the casual reader, there is very little here to explore, understand or greatly enjoy.

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