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Happy. Yes, it is. The bright, crisp layout and the author’s infectious tone are more than pleasant. But, tomato? Well, considering that more than a fair portion of this weblog’s entries deal with food, tomato is fitting enough.

An unusual endeavor, to say the least, Happy Tomato blends a personal weblog of a 20-something woman with reviews of epicurean delights. The author, a bit of a gourmand with varied tastes, tends to focus on Filipino and eastern cooking; and several featured links give way to excellent recipe sites. The author’s personal weblog entries are often sprinkled with references to food and restaurants, thus imparting a bit of “spice” to what would otherwise read as rather mundane entries. The author’s style of writing is a bit scattered and some posts read much more fluently than others, but the author strives to provide substantial content within each entry. Grammar, spelling and composition are solid, and tone is well maintained throughout.

Happy Tomato’s layout is bright, crisp, and clean. There is nothing fancy here, but the overall look is appealing and reader-friendly. Links are well placed throughout blog entries and a side menu of links offers several other interesting prospects. The archive link in the top menu bar works and leads to previous posts dating to October 13, 2001. Unfortunately, there is no personal or bio page at Happy Tomato and the addition of one would be greatly welcomed.

Happy Tomato seems to be a fairly new weblog, one which looks promising if continued along its originally intended format. At present, it is difficult to issue Happy Tomato a score greater than 4.0 due to the relative newness of the site. This weblog should reapply in six months for another, and much more comprehensive, review. In the meantime, the author is encouraged to continue blogging; and readers of all ages are encouraged to visit Happy Tomato for an enjoyable and tasty read. Bon appetite!

The Happy Tomato

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