Review 727 or Anthony’s Weblog as it’s also called didn’t quite turn me on when the site loaded up. I thought everything seemed a bit crammed visually. Everything’s inside 3 narrow columns with the blog in the center column.

The first few posts I read were news related and contained links to articles giving me the impression this was a news link website, not a personal website. But I did find some personal stories and tidbits about Anthony’s life as a NYU student.

With posts about articles the news, Anthony also posts links to blog’s he has recently come across, weblog related information and even some little posts about what’s going on at school and in his life. At first, I wish his posts at first were longer, but then I liked the fact that his posts were short and just to the point and not filled with a lot of detail; might be because he is a journalism major.

His site also contains links to other sites, archive highlights and a bio section which is pretty brief. One thing I thought was cool is he’s part of an NYU blog clique and there were a fair amount of bloggers from the school which I liked. is a pretty good site that gives you both information about current news and also a little insight into the world of Anthony … it’s worth a

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