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Yet another chick blog. Yet another well-designed table layout. Yet another bout of somewhat senseless rambling posted to the Internet for mass consumption. Yet another nice layout. The layout was mentioned already, wasn’t it?

Charming Delusions’ layout, a crisp use of tables which views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1, is certainly the best aspect of the site. This is not to say that all of the author’s entries are without merit. To be certain, many of the author’s entries are quite entertaining if one does not mind the style of writing, which is reminiscent of a teen’s diary but not nearly at titillating. The 21 year old author mainly discusses events in her personal and academic life, but often makes references to people who are unknown and poorly defined for the reader. A bit more background, within each entry, of the people and events being discussed would prove helpful to the average reader and would make the entries a bit less confusing.

The author’s composition is fair, but the lack of capitalization and the occasional use of double periods at the end of sentences are wearisome and detract from the content within the entries. This unusual writing style, combined with the author’s tendency to ramble and/or jump abruptly from one topic to the next, will remind reader’s of a teen blog. A “cleanup” of the author’s writing style could only enhance the quality of her entries and, as result, improve the overall appeal of the entire weblog.

Charming Delusions features links to various other weblogs as well as links to the site’s past layouts. The archive links work and there are music, photos, and biography sections within the site. The site is truly well-designed and is easily navigable.

Charming Delusions will appeal mainly to female readers, 16 – 24, as well as college students. Charming Delusions is not the most content abundant nor witty weblog to be found, but it is worth a look.

charming delusions

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