Review 726

Firstly I noticed the warm homely sensation that overcame me as soon as I saw the “leafy version”, this made the Weblog feel very inviting, and this was a definite bonus as it made you wish to read what the writer had to say.

The posts although long and frequent, were highly un-amusing and left me bored. They tackle the usual mundane day-to-day life that nobody really wants to spend their free time reading unless they have to. It doesn’t seem as though the author cares about whether the reader likes what they’re writing either, which is always a down point.

The design is warm and homely, perfect for this time of year. The Weblog its self doesn’t do the design justice. The colours work well together. There were no broken links either which is a good thing.

Other than the Weblog there really isn’t that much else to do, except read a little more about the author.

I personally wouldn’t visit this site again; it lacks that special spark that makes you want to read what the author says. Although I fit the target audience, I highly doubt whether 15 year olds would find this interesting in the least.

charming delusions

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