Review 724

“Sheherazade: one thousand and one nights” is quite a good site. The
layout’s nice with a blurred image of a girl sitting down on the left side
of the site, however I’m not a fan of layout of the navigation area which is
inside a small window where I have to scroll around to find information.

I really liked her writing once I got to reading. I found myself laughing a
bit at some things Sara, the author said like when she was on some car trip
and said she kept throwing up. Then she went on to say, “i think i was food
poisoned or something. or maybe it was nausea from the car trip. either way,
it was NASTY. ugh, i’m still dizzy now. but i just had the yummiest
popsicle.” I love it, here she was going on and on about throwing up and
then she goes and eats. Along with being funny at times, I also was able to
identify with her on occasion like when she was talking about how a
friendship of hers was falling apart to the point where they could no long
talk to each other when they were around each other.

In addition to her blog, she has your standard links and photo pages and a
bio section where she shares her other interests. Another section contains
her opinions and feelings on controversial topics such as faith which make
for an interesting read.

Sara definitely has some good stuff to say and I like how she expresses her
thoughts and feelings through her posts. I like that Sara’s voice was came
through her writing which makes reading her site enjoyable.

*I reviewed this site a while back and didn’t give it the best of reviews
for various reasons and later was notified that the site was
having some problems, so it was only fair that I re-review it.

sheherazade: one thousand and one nights

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