Review 723

When you first visit this site, you’re presented with one of those “page has moved” messages. I generally don’t like these, and this is certainly no exception. This aside, when you first visit the weblog, you’re presented with a basic layout: weblog in center, links and other stuff on right, title at the top.

This aside, I began reading. It immediately struck me as to how funny it was. It kept me reading down and down the page. It seemed the further down the page I got, the more I lost interest in the weblog. The most recent entries are really amusing, but get duller as you read more into the site. Even though it was written fairly well, there was nothing to really grab my attention.

The design, as stated before, is nothing special. I think it works for the site though. Each page within the site follows the same design, except the title at the top changes. The title in each page was replaced with something funny about that particular section. For example, the about page says “so ya wanna know all about me, huh? well here’s some interesting & completely useless info on yours truly, the netdork – ”

There’s a few other section in the site, like ones about his tattoos, an “about page” and a few others. They’re really nothing special, but they’re not bad either.

This weblog is just another average weblog, and, depending on your preference, something you may or may not want to visit. I just wish he would replace the “page has moved” page with something that automatically redirects to the new address.

The NetDork’s Weblog