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The graphics to the left caught my eye. Interesting; the drawing of the man with his brain represented and being “jacked into” electronically was just right. Below it, another drawing, designed in the way of a sign. Again, interesting. Standard blog design, group in nature. So far, so good.

I took a look at the bios page, and immediately found that this was a group blog for certain. There were more people here listed than in my department at work; quite a large and diverse group. I read through the bios, some of them more serious than others, and set about reading the blog itself.

The first entry was by a person who calls himself “The Big Bamboo,” with a picture accompanying his posts that looks suspiciously like an actor from the 70’s. Alan Arkin? Adam Arkin? Who know/who cares. What I did care about was the writing, and I was laughing out loud. The entry was filled with humorous anecdotes, lively writing, and dry humor. The bit about the lawn statues had tears in my eyes! A lawn George Michael… Mother Mary with the band shell behind her… very funny stuff!

I continued to read through the rest of the entries by the other contributors and was very impressed. They didn’t refer to inside jokes, but engaged the readers in a complimentary fashion. One of the entries even went into the background a bit about the staff, talking about their hijinx in high school. This gave the site some added dimension, a more personal touch.

Topics ranged from stealing silverware to break dancing to knocking out soccer coaches (yet another story that had me yelping out loud, laughing until my sides ached). Nothing is sacred here, yet it’s not wholly irreverent. The Big Bamboo seems to post the most, and his entries are not to be missed!

The only downsides I found were some spelling errors and an archives link that was inoperative at the time of my visit. I would have liked to have seen more of this bunch’s jacked thoughts!

If you want to have a really good time laughing your way through the observations of this hilarious bunch, go NOW to Jacked Thoughts! You’ll be glad you did!

jacked THoughts

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