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Sanity Helpline. I was wondering what I was getting myself into as I clicked on the hyperlink to this site. I had no idea, not even an inkling. As the site started coming into view (as I am on a notebook on dreaded dialup), I was noticing the unremarkable layout. Rather average I thought to myself. Then, as the words appeared, rather average fell on the floor and was replaced by phenominal.

First of all, I looked to the left for the all-important “about” link, but instead found “About Moi,” with some basics underneath. Basic but containing the requisite information. This was good. Then, below it was something I’ve not yet come across, and found it very amusing. “Current Available Topics.” Underneath this heading were four topics. Below the topics is an explanation of how the topics work, and what they’re used for, how they’re implemented, recommended, etc. VERY ingenious! That explained the first entry I read, entitled “Drilling.” Continuing through the blog, I found a writer that has a good wit, and writes engagingly, keeping the reader’s attention with funny little sayings here and there, or with his thought-provoking ideas. He goes from the trivial to the profound with equal comfort, and is able to pull both off successfully.

For me, this site is the perfect example of why one should not judge a book by it’s cover. If you go from blog to blog and only read them based on their design, you’d miss this one. There’s no flash or animation or anything truly remarkable about the design. This is your garden-variety blog design. The content, however, is top-notch 5-star white-cloth dining.

There are no links to anyone else here, and none are needed. If you come here, you’re not looking for anywhere else to go. This is a destination in the truest sense. The archives are at the bottom of the page, and are easy to find and navigate, too!

That he’s chronicling the life of his dog “Daisy” each week is a cute personal touch, as well as his other photographs (the cut finger one yucked me out, though). Destructo Man is a cartoon he draws and makes appearances here and there. While I can’t say I was a huge Destructo Man fan, I have to admit there was only one stip I’ve seen, so my opinion of him cannot be wholly trusted.

If you’re the kind of person that likes humor, good solid writing, wit, and a sincere glimpse into the life of a twenty-something young man, then this is a blog you’ll want to visit time after time. It’s very well done; content vs design is the name of the game here, and content wins hands down!

Due to the content, writing style, and the “available topics” list, I rated this site very highly. Had the design been better, this could have been a perfect blog.

sanity helpline

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