Review 720

I don’t know what a BadSnid is… is it bad, or good? My first impression of the site was rather average. Nothing truly inspired in the design department, so I immediately set upon the content.

I was at first taken aback by the use of nicknames and phrases that are obviously from a different language and culture. This in and of itself is not a problem; I speak three languages, and have a multi-ethnic/multi-cultural family, so these things don’t bother me. But, they make it harder for me to understand and read. That said, I found the entries to be sweet and written in true journal format. I felt like I was reading a diary, which was a pleasant diversion from the news sites and the pontificators out there. (Those that feel their opinion on things are important to us; as if!) I think that I have a really good picture drawn in my mind of Bonita and her desires, dreams, and hopes (as well as some fears). The word “sweet” keeps coming back to me; this site was just very nice and made me feel a tad younger than I am.

There’s no “about” page which I would have really enjoyed, and in the case of the different language and culture, would actually have benefited me quite a bit. I’ve never given it thought before, but yet another reason for an “about” page is that not everyone is from the country the author is from. Perhaps knowing a bit of background information would give the readers something to base the entries off of, sort of a reference point.

All in all, I liked the site, although the design was average. A personal site in every sense of the word, for those looking to read some really sweet entries in a diary-like fashion will enjoy this blog.


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