Review 718

When the site loaded up, I thought, “That’s it? No graphics or anything on the weblog??” Yeah, well the site’s pretty plain with links to different sections to the site in the upper left hand corner.

But I liked this site, even if there isn’t a bunch of colorful graphic. Jonathan who resides in the city of London. He blog’s about little stuff that’s happening in his life. One thing I liked his how he referred to his friend’s group of friends and his friends in a recent post:

“What would be fun is if Kate and her [crew / massive / entourage / clique / dignified friends] (select most appropriate) met up with me and my [gang / posse / peeps / homies / slightly less dignified friends] (select last option, you really have no other choice) in a coffee bar or a pub or something.”

He’s also in the process of applying to college with a few updates of who’s accepted him and essays he has to write. There were a few posts regarding messing around with some music on his keyboard; he likes experimental music, too.

Elsewhere on the site is your usual bio section where he talks about his interests such as artists, music and favorite authors. One section I liked was his gallery which has some of his art done in pen and pencil. He definitely has a hand for art.

I wish there were more posts to read, but it’s a pretty good site to check out.Klatch

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