Review 717

My first impression of this site was “wow!” I love blue and black, and the layout is really visually appealing. Crisp graphics, easy to read, all make the site give off a great first impression.

Unfortunately, this isn’t much of a blog. I was expecting something a bit more based on the great layout and design, but it turned out to be basically a link and news site, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. It’s just not a blog.

The author writes well, however, and the links he finds to interesting news articles had me going to them, checking them out, and then returning for more. Reminded me of a sort-of one man mini

I think the author would do a great blog if he decided to do one; he’s got the design part down pat, and his writing style is engaging. He has the “about” page I go on about, although it’s a bit light on the information that would let us know just that much more about him.

I’d love to rate the site higher, but this is the weblog review, not the web site design review. If there were more posts (daily, perhaps) and containing a bit of original content, we’d have a winner here.

(there are links to adult-related material from this site)

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