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Appearances can be terribly deceiving. When The Cool Kid loaded, this reviewer expected yet another teen anime weblog, filled with incomprehensible references to fictional characters from alternate universes. Thankfully, the anime at The Cool Kid seems limited to the site graphics; and, the author’s posts are not only comprehensible, they are also well-written and highly expressive.

The Cool Kid features eye-popping anime type graphics in a cool blue and white layout which is both easy to read and simple to navigate. The site views equally well in MSIE 5.5 and NS 6.1 and, despite the annoying GeoCities pop-up, loads rather quickly. External links are contained almost solely to a side menu area and all links, including the archives, are in working order.

The true star at The Cool Kid is the author’s writing. The teen author, a female, crafts highly literate and enjoyable posts which usually focus upon daily life events. The author is pensive but never maudlin, and her posts reflect a great sensitivity to her surroundings and the impact of current events. Each post proved to be a worthy read and left this reviewer with a much clearer insight into the mind of the author. In truth, the author comes alive through her entries and her fluid, matter-of-fact tone makes it quite easy for the reader to become absorbed in the author’s life. The entries at The Cool Kid are solidly written with only minor flaws in grammar. The content of the entries far outshines the errors in composition.

The Cool Kid seems to be a highly under-read teen weblog; and, those who have not visited this site are missing out on a wonderful, youthful read. The Cool Kid is highly recommended to other teens and is an interesting read for adults, as well.

The Cool Kid

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