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Any site which refers to pictures of scantily clad naked women as Meat is totally disagreeable and offensive. That aside, Coolio’s is actually a rather good link oriented weblog.

The author, who is believed to be a Belgian male, has assembled quite an interesting array of varied links. Many links lead to off-color humor sites and more than a few will direct readers to sites which are adult (i.e., sexually) oriented. Yet, others lead to political and news sites and stories. The overwhelming majority of the author’s links are truly different offerings which many readers will find of interest. There is a little bit of something for everyone at Coolio’s; however, Coolio’s does not offer much in the way of original content. Readers looking for personal content and observations will be disappointed by this weblog; but, those who love links to the unusual will quickly find themselves in paradise.

Coolio’s layout is strong and simple, utilizing the standard format of side menus, content area, and graphical header. Links are easily identified by underlining and all links appear to be in working order. The layout is easily navigable and reader friendly despite the use of white text on a black content area background. The addition of seminude photos, otherwise known as “Meat,” will assuredly prove enjoyable for hormone addled young males and is an overall compliment to the site’s design and layout. To note, this site does not appear to be archived, but there is a forum area which one may join.

Coolio’s is a definite target area specific weblog. If one has no interest in links to the unusual and absurd, and no desire to view various parts of unclad female anatomy, Coolio’s is a site to bypass. Otherwise, take a good long look and click away to nirvana.

Coolio’s : your daily doggy style

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